Murals, fine art and commisioned work.

We specialize in murals, wall murals, canvas murals and fine art. We are located in South Africa, but we have also completed murals and fine art projects in the Cayman Islands, Canada, USA and Greece. Some of our works have also been exhibited in Italy. We also use advanced faux and paint techniques and are specialists in trompe le'oil murals.
Commercial Art
Click here to view our mural and commercial work Included are murals, portraits, illustrations, trompe le'oil, kids murals, airbrush, signwriting, corporate images, funky signage, marbling, paint techniques, decorative design, logos.
Fine Art
Click here to view our Fine Art portfolio. We are also accomplished fine artists and included are canvas paintings, etchings, watercolour paintings and pencil drawings. Any art work can be shipped.
Example Mural
We also have an example of a mural being painted so you can see the process in action. We painted this mural in a dentist's waiting room, in a period of 12 days. To illustrate the process of planning and execution one can expect from professional mural artists.
Colour Guide
Click here for our colour guide. Different meanings and moods of colour, which colours to choose for which room in your house, and some great ideas on which colours to combine to get that exact feeling you are looking for.