Some more info on our procedures for creating murals.

  1. Firstly we try and establish exactly what type of artwork you require, whether it be a mural, canvas painting or an etching. That is why we would like you to fill out the quote form.

2. Then its time to correspond via email or phone to find out exact specifications.

3. Once a price has been agreed upon, a 50% deposit is required before work starts.

4. Research is then undertaken by us to find relevant material for the presketches.

5. Presketches are drawn up.

6. Once the final sketches have been agreed upon, the artwork can be created.

7. On completion and inspection, the remainder of the account needs to be settled promptly.

Commisions are more than welcome. We can paint anything almost anywhere. We can therefore produce artworks that are completely according to your specifications.

** Any murals can also be painted on canvas that is stuck onto the walls with a special adhesive so that it can be removed again when it is time to move. **